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How Modelling Tools Help in Drawdown - Blog Header_2

How Modelling Tools Help in Drawdown

Income drawdown is notoriously complex. And for most members of the general public, it’s a topic...

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Paul Q&A Video blog header

[Video] Wealth Management: A Quick Q&A with Paul McNamara

In November this year, we'll be attending the Global WealthTech SummitOur CEO, Paul McNamara...

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Build or buy blog header

Build or Buy: Should you use APIs or Configurable Tools?

It’s the age-old question when it comes to developing new services. Do you invest now and reap...

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fintech pitch blog header

Supporting the Next Generation of Fintech Startups: The Fintech Pitch Competition

Our Fintech Pitch Competition drew to a close last week with pitches from the five finalists. 

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EV labs blog header_2

Kickstarting Collaboration at the First EV Labs

At the end of last year, we sent a team of people up to Edinburgh for the FCA’s Pensions...

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Ceros Blog Header_1

Strategic Market Review and Response: Defining Success in the Digital Age

We’re living through a fundamental shift in the UK around the way people control their long-term...

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Fin blog Header_3

How to Improve Engagement and Understanding of Pensions

The combined effect of auto-enrolment and pensions freedom should have sparked greater interest...

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Fin blog Header_1

Fin: A Digital Assistant for Supporting Income Drawdown

How do you solve a problem like engaging people with their pensions? Using personalised, ...

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Fintech Connect 2018 blog image 3

FinTech Connect: A Hub of Sharing Ideas

We kicked off a busy December by attending FinTech Connect, which is the UK’s largest fintech...

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Insight blog 1

Insight Updates - July 2017 - Commentary


This was another quarter where actual market developments failed to match the amount of...

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Financial Wellbeing - A winning mentality

Unlike many of today’s professional sports, tennis players have no access to on-court coaching...

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Future developments in the UK


In March 2016, following a seven month review, the FAMR published its final report,...

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