Case Study: Transforming Adviser Recommendations and Client Satisfaction

Read our latest case study to discover how IBOSS, a reputable UK asset manager, partnered with EV's risk-rating service to integrate risk ratings across their investment management services.

The Client

IBOSS is an asset manager specialising in investment management services to financial advisers. The company provides a Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) and an Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) Fund Range, including Core (active), passive, income, and sustainable-specific portfolios. These options allow advisers to manage their clients' investments cost-effectively. IBOSS has established itself as a reputable and reliable asset manager in the financial adviser marketplace, winning several awards for its services. Advisers could outsource the management of their clients' investments to IBOSS, allowing them to focus on providing their clients with the best possible financial planning support.

The Problem

To ensure the suitability of advisers' recommendations and address the demand for IBOSS portfolios to be EV risk-rated by advisers, IBOSS recognised the importance of integrating with the EV risk-rating service. This integration would make it easier for advisers to select the right portfolios that match their clients' risk suitability requirements, thereby reducing the risk of recommending an unsuitable investment. Misalignment of risk suitability can lead to poor outcomes for adviser clients, potentially resulting in poor investment performance and dissatisfaction with their adviser. As a result, this can lead to mistrust and advisers going to another fund provider.  By integrating with multiple third-party research and risk profiling tools, IBOSS provided advisers with the tools they needed to deliver investment recommendations tailored to their clients' risk preferences.

The Solution

IBOSS partnered with EV's fund risk-rating service and risk-rated 27 multi-asset portfolios to meet adviser-client demands. The solution regularly produced a report for IBOSS, allowing the company to efficiently update its quarterly marketing documents and promptly distribute its portfolio's updated risk ratings to advisers at the beginning of each new quarter. In addition, the partnership improved adviser relationships and reassured them that they recommended the most suitable investments to their clients. Ultimately, the solution helps IBOSS provide advisers with the information needed to provide the best possible outcomes to their clients and support the delivery of suitable and compliant advice.

The Results

The partnership between IBOSS and EV has resulted in numerous benefits for IBOSS and advisers recommending their funds to clients. One of the most significant benefits is increased Assets Under Management (AUM) across a wider range of product offerings. This is a direct result of the partnership, as EV's risk profiling tools allow IBOSS to engage with new prospective advisers and networks, including,

Up to 25% of the UK adviser market who currently use EV’s Risk Ratings.

Another important benefit to IBOSS is the inclusion of investment term/time horizons in the risk assessment, which not all providers consider as part of their risk assessment due to limitations in their modelling capabilities. This allows IBOSS’ adviser clients to deliver consistent and more suitable advice while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By providing the best possible outcomes to both advisers and the end investor, IBOSS can maintain its reputation as a trusted and reliable investment manager.

Finally, by working with EV, IBOSS can confirm that it is always up-to-date with regulatory requirements and can provide the best possible service to its clients.

So what next?

At EV, we provide the UK's fastest-growing risk rating service in the market, boosted by the UK's most used risk profiler by advisers with their clients.

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