EV Investment Channel Outlook 2023: Q&A with Jack Evans

Jack Evans, Director of Research, joins me for a quick chat about what we expect to see from EV Investment Solutions over the next 12 months.

What are the biggest opportunities in 2023?

As inflation moves on like a piano swallowed by a cartoon snake, we find ourselves in a whole new world. Portfolios were ravaged, annuities affordable, and no clear sight of the market's next move. Advisers play a critical role in supporting individuals; we can help them create realistic and informed financial plans for their clients.

Last year should also have prompted advisers to reconsider their investment plans. Instead, inertia is a big obstacle that could be smaller this year.

And what are the biggest risks?

The last year has left the country a lot poorer. Our end users aren't at the sharp end of that, but there will still be less money around, which might inhibit investment. The uncertainty that brings opportunity also makes it possible for the markets to make lifestyle-impacting moves.

What do you expect to have the greatest impact on your channel this year?

Internally, we are devoting more time to extending our range of asset classes, new portfolio methodology and client communications. Externally, the renewed interest in annuities will mean new interest in modelling that can treat all options on a level playing field.

Are you feeling positive/neutral/negative about the prospects for 2023?

On balance, very slightly positive.

Why is that?

On the one hand, even the idea that it might be a challenging year for the economy and the markets are negative. But, on the other hand, our modelling capabilities should be more useful than ever - there needs to be an obvious direction for the next big move in global financial markets.

How are customers currently solving the problem that our product or service addresses?

Low expectations, rules of thumb, and tax advice.

Are there any market trends our audiences need to be aware of?

We are seeing some signs of inflation levelling off, with expectations of a steady fall over the coming 12-18 months, although earnings lag.

What would you do to make life perfect if you had a magic wand?

With a magic wand, interest rates are 2% higher. Of course, without a magic wand, that would be a disaster, but if you could jump there, planning retirement would be much more pleasant.

This brings me to the end of my Q&A with Jack, and I would like to thank him for his time today. I look forward to seeing more from the EV Investment Solutions team during the year.


A quick recap

2023 presents both opportunities and risks for financial advisers and their clients. But advisers will play a critical role in helping individuals create realistic and informed financial plans, but they must also consider the impact of inflation and uncertainty in the markets. The team will focus on extending the range of asset classes, new portfolio methodology, and client communications to support clients.

While the economic and market outlook may be challenging, their powerful modelling capabilities can be more useful than ever. Market trends include signs of inflation levelling off and expectations of a steady fall over the coming months, with earnings lagging. Overall, the outlook is a positive one for the channel in 2023.


As our readers, what's next for you? 

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