Smoothing the pathway to employee financial wellness

In the third of our blogs focusing on how EVDirect’s QuickTools provide a smooth pathway for inspiring employees to opt into making decisions boosting their financial wellness, we now look at the advantages of embedding the tools inside the pensions/benefits portal in the workplace. This integration is the key to immediate and lasting engagement in personal financial futures.

There’s undoubtedly a growing consensus among pensions and benefits providers to make it easier for employees to take more control of their financial prospects as they progress their careers. It’s in everyone’s interest to invest at a sufficient level to attain a comfortable retirement; the earlier this starts, the better.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of deploying EVDirect’s QuickTools to pose some simple questions designed to inspire people to start looking into what they can do to improve their prospects.

To learn more, read our blog; Keep things simple to quickly engage consumers with their personal finances. We have also shown how the clear and straightforward outputs of the tools keep employees engaged – and interested in taking the easy steps available to boost their chances of entering retirement in a good financial position.

So far, so good for providers. But another aspect could make all the difference to successfully uptake these smart investment motivators in the workplace. And that’s where the tools are hosted.

Integrating EVDirect QuickTools enhances the user journey from day one

We’ve noticed that most financial planning solutions are hosted outside of the pension portal or benefits platform. We know from research that this generally slows down the user journey, and any clunkiness arising can cause disengagement and high drop-out rates – that last thing anyone would want.

Taking all this on board, we developed the EV QuickTools to make life easier for our provider customers and their end-users. Our team did all the necessary technology tweaking behind the scenes to ensure the tools can be directly embedded into the provider’s portal/platform front end and branded as desired to seamlessly fit in with the other tools and materials hosted there.

We believe providing users with the smoothest and most convenient access to QuickTools is an essential facilitator in the journey towards financial wellness. An example of this is shown in the image below.

Example of a provider’s portal embedded with QuickTools


Choose the fast lane to promote long-term financial wellness for unadvised employees


To recap, EVDirect QuickTools:

  • Attract interest and engagement by asking simple questions about personal finances that require a fraction of information from the user
  • Maintain engagement with attractive and clearly understood visual outputs pointing to simple actions that users can take to improve their financial prospects
  • Integrate easily into the pension portal/benefits platform, ensuring speedy direct access for users and a seamless user experience with added brand reinforcement

So what next?

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