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Pensions Freedom Index 2019: Drawdown Tops the List

When Pensions Freedom was first introduced, the industry was rife with fears: would the thought...

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Pension Freedom 2018 blog

Pensions Freedom Index 2018

After three years of Pensions Freedom, over 112,000 individuals have accessed EValue's Pension...

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2017 - End of Year reflections

In our final update to you, as the festive season begins, we would like to take this opportunity...

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Future developments in the UK


In March 2016, following a seven month review, the FAMR published its final report,...

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Pensions Freedom Index based on 52,000 consumer actions

The Pension Freedom Index (PFI) has been running now for two years, so what can we say about...

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Pension Vs Lifetime ISA Tax advantages

Should You Contribute more into a Pension or a LISA? 5 Things to Think About

Back in March this year, a new type of ISA, known as the Lifetime ISA (LISA), was introduced in...

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Pension Freedoms - How to ensure your clients make the most of their pension savings

Currently, individuals have little choice over what they can do with the money they have saved...

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