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The EValue Blog

How Technology Can Help Protect Your Most Vulnerable Customers

Now more than ever, vulnerability is a topic that all companies should be aware of, not just...

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How Technology is Helping Endorse the PLSA Retirement Living Standards

The challenge of helping individuals set realistic financial outcomes for their retirement has...

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Five Things Product Providers Can do Right Now to Help Their Customers During Uncertainty

Anxiety, fear, and frustration are all emotions that your customers are likely to be feeling in...

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What is a Tool blog header

How the use of Financial Planning Tools can lead to better decisions

Whether you provide advice, guidance or investment solutions, it’s imperative that you help your...

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The Pension Lab blog header

The Pension Lab Partner With EValue to Launch New Financial Pension Engagement Platform

In June 2019, EValue and user interface design specialists, 4xxi partnered to run a unique...

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Three Ways Pension Providers blog header

Three Ways Pension Providers Can Take Advantage of Digital Opportunities and Help Their Customers

Cathy forgot to pick up a pack of picture hooks? No problem. A few taps on her phone screen and...

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PFP blog header_1

EValue's Pensions Freedom Planner: Your Questions Answered

Looking for a tool to help your clients explore their retirement options? Our Pensions Freedom...

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How Modelling Tools Help in Drawdown - Blog Header_2

How Modelling Tools Help in Drawdown

Income drawdown is notoriously complex. And for most members of the general public, it’s a topic...

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Paul Q&A Video blog header

[Video] Wealth Management: A Quick Q&A with Paul McNamara

In November this year, we'll be attending the Global WealthTech SummitOur CEO, Paul McNamara...

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Build or buy blog header

Build or Buy: Should you use APIs or Configurable Tools?

It’s the age-old question when it comes to developing new services. Do you invest now and reap...

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Fin blog Header_3

How to Improve Engagement and Understanding of Pensions

The combined effect of auto-enrolment and pensions freedom should have sparked greater interest...

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Fin blog Header_1

Fin: A Digital Assistant for Supporting Income Drawdown

How do you solve a problem like engaging people with their pensions? Using personalised, ...

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