Locating EV risk-rated funds just got a whole lot easier for financial advisers

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new, free-to-use software tool for financial advisers, the EV Risk-Rated Fund Finder.

Quickly find the most suitable risk-rated fund

This complementary tool easily fits your existing advice processes and allows you to compare a range of risk-rated funds, matching suitable funds with your clients' investment risk appetite.

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Financial advisers can enjoy the flexibility of selecting from a range of funds based on: 

  • Client investment objective
  • Risk benchmark (5,7,10)
  • Risk level
  • Investment term
  • Fund provider
  • Fund name

The risk-rated funds are based on our asset allocations and capital market assumptions from the latest quarter asset model update.

Click here to visit the EV Adviser Portal and access the tool.


Changing the landscape of risk profiling technology 

We are thrilled to announce that we are now the UK's number one provider of risk profiling financial adviser tools, with 25% of the UK financial adviser market using our technology, which equates to an incredible 67% increase in adviser usage from 2020 to 2021.

The chart below shows the increase in risk profiling tools used for the UK’s top 3 technology systems.

Source: The Lang Cat | State of the Adviser Nation report, Jan 2022. *From a total of 445 financial advisers surveyed between September and October 2021.


Ready to take your risk mapping to the next level?

Delivering robust risk-mapping capabilities in your adviser tools will go a long way to demonstrating suitability for your clients. And if you want to take your risk mapping to the next level within your Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) or Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP), then look no further than our complete, end-to-end financial planning tool, EVPro.

EVPro complements the free-to-use tool with access to the whole market for a full risk mapping experience. And if you want to see how you can deliver better risk mapping for your clients. Then, why not book your one-to-one demo of EVPro, by clicking the link below.

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Further reading

In recent times, risk profiling methodology has moved on to accommodate objective-based outcomes and enable easier implementation within the advice journey. However, what’s vital in 2022 and beyond is being geared up to pinpoint which fund will provide a sustainable income level and navigate market volatility at your client’s acceptable level of risk.

Enter risk mapping – the methodology underpinning investment risk suitability from start to finish. To learn more, read our accompanying blog; Does your advice risk mapping demonstrate suitability for clients?

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