New Modules and Enhancements for EV Adviser Academy

Members of EV’s Adviser Academy will be able to access new and enhanced features as part of the advanced roadmap release.

From Monday 22nd November, members of the EV Adviser Academy will have access to a host of new enhancements and modules as part of their free access to EVPro. As well as significant enhancements to the EVPro Goal module, there will be two new releases in EVPro Solver and EVPro Review. Let’s take a deeper dive into these exciting new developments for EVPro:

EVPro Goal 2.0

This update to the Goal/Cashflow module adds visuals and graphs as well as adding the ability to “invest a windfall” within the client plan. This specific feature helps support clients that might have sold a business or inherited a large lump sum and are seeking a plan that includes this amount. The order of withdrawals will now allow for more flexibility, adding in min/max withdrawals and increase rates.

Critics’ main argument centres on a lack of accuracy when forecasting future values. And while they indeed may have a valid point here – at least when it comes to some models – the situation is far more nuanced than simply labelling cashflow modelling as either good or bad. This piece addresses these criticisms and outlines why we believe cash flow modelling remains integral to ensuring clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Add a windfall on EVPro Goal

EVPro Solver 1.0

EVPro Solver is a really exciting module for the EVPro adviser tool suite and one that has been highly anticipated. Whilst there are still further updates to come early in 2022, this initial launch release of the Solver module allows advisers to calculate the optimal retirement dates and monthly investment amounts to reach the desired likelihood of a plan’s success. In effect, this module leverages our unique backsolve APIs to help you identify the most effective revised planning scenarios for your clients in the quickest possible time.



What is more, as part of this November release we will be introducing a new stress test area that will launch with four new stress tests:

  • Market Risks
  • Higher Outgoing Expenses
  • Unexpected Emergencies
  • Living Longer


EVPro Review 1.0

Another brand-new module for EVPro, Review introduces a new area to the EVPro suite where you can monitor clients targets at scale, filter on and off-track clients to ensure that they are kept up to date and see when a client was last reviewed. EVPro Review is a critical module that helps business owners maintain a healthy book of business by highlighting clients and cases that are at risk with a robust scenario tested review. This module can also support larger advice firms with procurement and compliance in performing the relevant due diligence on large client data sets in record time. This actionable MI provides clear insight to give confidence that clients are on track to meet their objectives and that they have the right level of capacity for loss.


As well as all the fantastic new functionality and modules, we’re also releasing our first customisable update to EVPro. This gives firms and network admins the ability to personalise the logo on their reports and also amend this within the tool.

So what next?

To learn more about our exciting EV Adviser Academy, please click here to sign up now. There are heaps of benefits, including:

  • Gaining a better understanding of what your customers want and need
  • Improving your customer engagement
  • Helping deliver better financial advice to your customers
  • Access to the latest market research

Our goal is to empower your adviser business with engaging technology that delivers life-changing financial plans to your clients.

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