UK Capital Market Assumptions and Summary: Quarter 3 2021

Each quarter, we use our market-proven global stochastic asset model to generate a range of capital market assumptions based on the latest market data.

Inflation was certainly the big story in markets. The quarter started with interest rates trending upward and speculators all set for steepening yield curves but a very slight double whammy of slightly slower economic news and slightly more hawkish central banks derailed the bond sell-off and rates slumped in August.

Since that reset, rates have been trending upward again with enough inflation news to keep it going for now.

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Empowering inspiration

For risk-rated multi-asset portfolios, both the level and variability of returns are critically important. Getting the asset allocation right is the key driver of both. So much so that 90% of investment returns are dependent on getting the asset allocation right.

Our optimised strategic multi-asset allocations are grounded in a set of robust and academically tested investment beliefs. Our asset model has delivered consistent and market-resilient asset allocations to our clients for over a decade. 

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So what next?

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