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What is a Financial Planning API and how can they be used?

Author: Chet Velani
05 November, 2019


After EValue launched their API store in 2018, there has been a large uptake in the number of organisations that are leveraging their power to build unique financial planning solutions. To help others to understand the potential power that these APIs hold and the ways in which they too can deploy them, EValue have created this blog and associated video.

At EValue, our purpose is to help consumers understand and meet their financial life goals, through better financial planning. We do this primarily through user-facing software that exposes the capabilities of our calculation engine and market-leading Stochastic model, Insight.

Beneath our software sits a wide collection of APIs that directly accesses the calculation engine. APIs are built to expose underlying calculations or functions to enable the creation of applications; their power is limitless when used in different combinations to provide processes.

We make these APIs available on our store to allow you to utilise their power and build your own applications. Two examples of these are our Annuity Forecast and Life Expectancy. Annuity Forecast is used for calculating the guaranteed income that a user is likely to achieve at retirement, based on their current situation. Whilst Life Expectancy is used to determine the age at which a user is likely to live to. This may sound simple at the core but when combined along with our Drawdown Forecast and Pension Lump Sum Forecast APIs they create a powerful at-retirement tool that can communicate the various options available to a user when making their retirement choices, and the impact that this is likely to have on their lifestyle.

What makes our APIs truly unique is our Insight engine that uses realistic stochastic forecasting to give reliable calculations that can communicate risk versus reward. All of our investment and retirement forecasting, as well as a couple of the risk APIs utilise Insight.

As you can see here with this API we enter some data about the user via a simple front-end and are provided with an instant result from the calculation. You can try our APIs now at api.ev.uk or if you’d like to see a demo of our software solutions or have any other questions around our APIs, please contact us at contact@ev.uk