[Live Webinar] Getting ahead of the curve - client risk suitability and sustainable investing

Register now for a live joint webinar between EV and Rathbones that focuses on the relationship between client risk suitability and sustainable investing.

A fully risk-aligned advice process is key

The danger of misaligning your fund recommendations with the wrong client risk profile will negatively impact your financial advice process. So, ensuring investment recommendations align with your clients’ risk appetite is essential for any sound financial plan. It also helps prevent portfolio misalignment that could lead to poor client outcomes.

However, there are many more benefits to defining risk effectively for you and your clients.

Read our accompanying blog to understand better the benefits of defining risk for advisers and their clients and how you can start doing so effectively in your advice process.

Register for the live webinar

To help mitigate these risks (excuse the pun), we are hosting a new webinar; Getting ahead of the curve - ESG & Risk Assessment,  on Wednesday 16th February, at 10:00 am.

Register for the live webinar now to join Ashley Staples, Head of Channel at EV, alongside guests from ESG investment specialist Rathbone Investment Management including Will McIntosh-Whyte, Fund Manager & Michael Cumberlidge, Investment Sales Consultant at Rathbone Investment Management. You will learn to accurately match client risk appetite alongside ESG preferences with suitably risk-rated funds for growth and income.

The webinar, with CPD provided, will cover:

  • Appropriately assessing client risk through psychometric risk profiling tools for income and growth objectives
  • Assessing client capacity for loss and attitudes to ESG
  • How to construct efficient portfolios based on term and the impact of risk and return
  • How we calculate the volatility of a fund
  • Enhancing the value and longevity of investments under your advice
  • ESG regulations - how to meet and surpass your client expectations before it becomes law
  • Rathbone Investment Management; investment process, sustainability criteria, fund characteristics
  • Live Q&A with the expert panel

Click here now to register for the event and secure your place.

So what next?

Suppose you want to see how you can improve the risk alignment of your advice process to deliver better financial outcomes for your clients. In that case, you may also be interested in EVPro, our newly launched, game-changing financial planning software for advisers.

EVPro, is our complete, end-to-end financial planning tool suite that allows you to assess, build, stress-test, review and solve your clients’ financial plans within one easy-to-use solution.

Click here to find out more about EVPro.

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Subscribe to the EV blog for latest industry news and insights

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