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EValue partners with Moola to offer new investment platform technology

London, 21 November 2016 - EValue, leading technology provider to the financial services industry, has joined forces with fintech firm, Moola, to create a new investment platform for consumers, it was announced today.

The partnership will cut the complexity of investments by pairing EValue’s advanced stochastic forecasting software with Moola’s accessible platform to deliver an unparalleled user experience for consumers.

The Moola platform will be able to adapt to customers’ needs and equip users to make smarter financial decisions. Alongside the consumer tool, Moola is also launching an adviser offering in partnership with EValue.

EValue is providing the financial intelligence to enable consumers to make informed investment decisions via Moola’s direct-to-consumer offering. EValue’s fully customisable robo proposition draws on realistic forecasts generated by the firm’s unique stochastic asset model. This asset model has consistently achieved top and second quartile ratings from independent investment monitoring firms, FE and Morningstar, for its risk rated asset allocations. Moola is delivering this insight to consumers in an intuitive user experience, satisfying their advice needs. The tool will support consumers in understanding how they can achieve their financial goals and give them the peace of mind to make the smart decisions needed to reach them.

Andrew Storey, Sales Director of EValue said:

“We are excited to announce this partnership with Moola. It is a crucial step forward in the mass delivery of accurate, trustworthy and financially accessible consumer advice. The face of the investment industry is changing fast with the RDR and FAMR highlighting the increasing demand for clarity and transparency.

“We are thrilled to be providing Moola with the highest quality forecasts from our independently monitored stochastic model that enhance the investor experience and enable them to make informed investment choices. We are committed to ensuring that people have access to all the information they need to make the right financial decision for them.”

Gemma Godfrey, Founder and CEO of Moola comments:

“There are 5.5 million people in the UK with disposable income and no access to financial advice. This is a sizeable opportunity, in a yet uncrowded space.

“Working together, Moola and EValue can enable people to understand how to achieve their financial goals, offering the comfort to get started and knowledge to make smarter decisions. With cutting-edge technology, people can get peace of mind from being able to access this information whenever, wherever and however they want. We can cut the complexity, to make investing simple and even enjoyable.

“The ease of integration with EValue’s financial projection software makes the Moola service a ready-to-go offering for consumers. The rigorous academics applied to real life scenarios, the accuracy of their projections and ongoing support have further set the service apart.”

For more details on EValue's Robo Advice solution, please go to - https://www.ev.uk/products/investment-robo-advice/

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